The Brooklyn Heights Promenade: A Monument to Civic Engagement

An informative and entertaining look at the history and future of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade by Spectrum News Staff Brooklyn.
This story is the fourth installment of NY1’s new initiative, “Street Level,” which explores the city through the history and culture of specific streets and the people who live there.

The New York City skyline as seen from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is among the city’s most iconic views. The site may not be as well known as the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge or the Statue of Liberty, but standing on the Promenade, looking out over the water, you can see all three. For decades, the Promenade has been a fixture of Brooklyn Heights – both a rare strip of tranquility in the middle of the urban cacophony and a physical barrier separating a gentile neighborhood from the rush of the cars below. Read article/Watch Video:–a-monument-to-civic-engagement