Cadman Towers Board Prez Jumps Into City Council Race

Cadman Towers Board President Toba Potosky is running for the City Council seat that will be vacated by Stephen Levin next November. He explains why he’s running on his campaign website: “I got my start in community organizing 16 years ago advocating for affordable housing. I saw too many people left out of a system that was created for them. So, I drafted a bill to increase income eligibility to include teachers, nurses, and city workers. That bill (S8501) became law in 2013. 

Just talking about affordable housing isn’t enough. I am working with city agencies to modify an existing program that will jumpstart real affordable housing opportunities for low, moderate and middle-income New Yorkers. But I’m just getting started. Our city faces immense challenges. We expect our leaders to provide us with a road map forward.  That will be my priority on day one.” Read entire statement on Toba’s official site