Way Before There was CPN

On our building site in the 1850’s: S.F. Whiting, Samuel Stillwell, Gents’ Furnishing Store, 132 and 134 Fulton (PRIOE SAME OF CADMAN PLAZA WEST) Street, (cor. of Middagh St.,) Brooklyn. Where may be found a general assortment of Gents’ furnishing goods of every description, consisting of linen and cotton shirts; plain and fancy under shirts and drawers of silk, merino, flannel, gauze, cotton, & c.; cravats, stocks, scarfs, handkerchiefs, suspenders, gloves, hosiery, &c. A general assortment of children’s clothing of all styles and of the best quality constantly on hand or made to order. Shirts and drawers made to order. Samuel Stillwell.

Thanks to Larry Kaplan for the pic.