The Brooklyn Bridge Will Finally Get Its Own Bike Lane

Nearly eight years after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his Vision Zero initiative to protect pedestrians and cyclists, the mayor is poised to announce that his administration will install dedicated bike lanes on the Brooklyn and Queensboro Bridges.

The “radical new plan,” first reported by the Times and slated to be announced during the mayor’s State of the City speech on Thursday night, is called “Bridges for the People,” according to an email from the Mayor’s Office.

“On the Brooklyn Bridge, we will ban cars from the innermost lane of the Manhattan-bound side to transform it into a two-way protected bike lane and turn the existing shared promenade space into a space just for pedestrians,” the email states. “On the Queensboro Bridge, we will begin construction this year to convert the north outer roadway into a two-way bike-only lane and convert the south outer roadway to a two-way pedestrians-only lane.” Submitted by Shareholder Alan Posner. Read entire article: