Red Hook Fairway Now Food Bazaar

Grocery chain Food Bazaar replaces Red Hook’s Fairway Market after a judge approved the deal, according to the struggling supermarket’s landlord. Bogopa Services Corp, owners of the Food Bazaar chain, successfully bid for Fairway’s Red Hook and Douglaston, Queens locations, reported the trade publication Supermarket Perimeter. The successful bid ends Fairway’s 14-year reign in the waterfront neighborhood after moving into the 19th-century warehouse at 480 Van Brunt Street in 2006.

The grocer will offer a wide variety of fresh products at a more affordable price than Fairway or other stores around the city, along with international goods that are hard to come by elsewhere, said a spokesperson. “Red Hook residents can expect the freshest and most comprehensive variety of produce and fish of any supermarket in NYC at affordable prices compared to Whole Foods or Fairway,” said in a statement. “Many residents I have spoken to travel to other Food Bazaars to do their grocery shopping because of their quality, affordability, consistency and cleanliness. Additionally, Food Bazaar offers a wide selection of international items, not easily found in other markets of their size.” -Brownstoner