Pier 2 Uplands Now Open

Brooklyn Bridge Park (BBP) has opened just over 3 acres of new parkland at the Pier 2 Uplands, bringing the Park’s construction to 95% complete. The Pier 2 Uplands expands the Park’s green space east of Pier 2, adding a 6,300 square foot lawn and nearly 1,300 new trees and shrubs and also includes the completion of the sound attenuating berm to reduce traffic noise. Like other sections of the Park, granite from the Brooklyn Bridge was reused for seating throughout the new section.

The Pier 2 Uplands also includes a new water play area that features pier remnants cut away during the construction of Pier 3. Run off from the water play will be captured via an underground retention tank and to be re-used for irrigation throughout the site. The retention tank, which sits below the lawn, holds over 15,000 gallons of water and was designed specifically to meet the irrigation requirements of the Uplands.

For more info visit: https://www.brooklynbridgepark.org/blog/news-media/pier-2-uplands-opens-july-6-2020