Loyal Customers Bring Brooklyn Heights’ Popular Vineapple Cafe Back to Life

Regulars Aubrie Therrien and her husband Zac Rubin brought Vineapple back to life.

After one of Brooklyn Heights’ staple restaurants closed its doors in 2019, a couple who loved the eatery made it a mission to bring its signature meals back to the neighborhood.

When Vineapple Cafe, an Italian-esque eatery located on Pineapple Street just blocks from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade first closed for business, regular customers Aubrie Therrien and her husband Zac Rubin were hopeful their favorite haunt would return.

“We’ve been residents of Brooklyn Heights for seven years,” Therrien said. “Old Vineapple used to be our coffee shop, we basically lived right next door and, like the rest of the neighborhood we were very sad when they closed. First, they put up a sign that they’d be closed until summer … summer rolled around and they never came back. We were like, ‘What’s happening?’”

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