Cadman Plaza West Exit to Close on BQE

The New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) will soon begin the rehabilitation of the wall supporting the BQE along Hicks Street. The wall supports the exit ramp of Exit 28A of the Queens-bound BQE and provides access to downtown Brooklyn. The Hicks Street wall is a load bearing reinforced concrete wall and is roughly 548’ long, and up to 36’ high. The wall is deteriorated, missing brick veneer over 90% of its surface area with displaced and cracked coping at the interface between the safety railing and the wall. There are portions of unsound concrete showing spalls as deep as 6”, efflorescence, and missing mortar at the joints; exposed reinforcing steel; debonded reinforcing steel; and reinforcing steel with marked section loss. With the deficiencies noted above, the structural integrity of this wall is compromised, and immediate repair is warranted.

The rehabilitation of the Hicks Street wall will be in two phases.
• Phase I: Week of October 5th 2020 to mid-December 2020
• Demobilization and Ramp opened to traffic: December, 2020 to March 2021
• Phase II: April 2021 to September 2021
• Work hours: Monday–Friday: 7 am to 6 pm; Saturdays as required rain dates. No night work anticipated