Jack the Horse Tavern Staffers Accuse Owners of Misusing GoFundMe Donations

At Jack the Horse, some employees had encouraged the restaurant’s ownership to start a fundraiser, thinking that they would be raising funds entirely to support their laid-off staff. Now, three former employees say that they have been struggling for months with the restaurant’s owners to get ahold of thousands of dollars that were raised through GoFundMe. Oltmans and Schubert told their staff and confirmed with Eater that they used some of the money to pay their own bills, including food and alcohol vendor payments and insurance bills. It’s a move that they say is well within their rights — even as some employees are left shocked at their actions.

“The GoFundMe was set up for employees,” says one of the former staffers, who requested anonymity to speak freely. “These funds have been misappropriated to say the least.” -Eater. Read entire story below.