Airbnb gives NYC information on 17,500 rental listings

Airbnb turned over partially redacted data of 17,500 listings — as part of a deal in the company’s long-simmering legal battle against the city, according to court documents.

The data dump, which was stripped of user-specific information, involved listings from January 2018 through February and was given to the city on April 5 in response to a subpoena from the Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement.

OSE issued the subpoena on February 18 as part of the city’s crackdown on illegal rentals.

Airbnb and the city reached the agreement in Manhattan Supreme Court on May 14, court records show.

As part of the agreement, OSE can also request listing information from Airbnb containing user data — but only if they can show it will be “relevant to an investigation.” They only have a one-year window to make that request, the court papers said.